by Malcolm Gladwell

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Reviewed by Dave Wiseman, Team-wise.

ISBN - 978-0-14-101459-3

Interest Book, very well written and in a modern style.

The first thing a few people said to me when I was asking them what they thought of Blink was, isn't that by the guy who wrote The Tipping Point. Well it is. This one is similar in the way that it is at the current edge of thinking but dissimilar in that this one is about how your mind works.

The book looks in detail at how the brain takes in information in the blink of an eye, what the value of that information can be and what the drawbacks are.

Lots of stories giving examples of where it has occured with notable impact, not just in selecting your partner for life, but also hiring staff and many other initial reactions.

Focuses on the idea of the subconscious, an idea that has been around for many years but currently seems to be a hot topic when it comes to understanding self and others.

Is it a must read text? Depends on what you are after, if it is an understanding of how people work and gaining a greater tool box, then this book will certainly provide food for thought.


Towards the easy end of the scale


At the serious end of the scale

Relevance to people in the workplace

Not a massively direct link however pretty good to keep the mind ticking over on the subject of how could I do my job better.

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