The One Minute Manager
by Ken Blanchard


Reviewed by: Dave Wiseman, Team-wise.

ISBN 0007107927

A simple concept, well written.

What a great book. First Published back in 1983 - and people are still talking about it.

This is the story of someone new to management, who wanted to become an effective manager. He heard stories of a Special Manager that got great results and whom people liked to work for. This book is the story of how he got to meet that manager and what he learned.

The book is written in the style that Ken Blanchard calls Business Fable and as such is an easy and captiving read. It will probably take you an hour the first time you read it. The chances are that many of the people that you work alongside will have heard of the title but not actually read the book. At least they won't have read it until you pass it round.

The essence behind the managers style is good goal setting coupled with coaching and feedback.

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