The Goal
by Eliyahu M Goldratt


Reviewed by Duncan Lydon, Training Consultant.

ISBN - 0566074184

This captivating story is lively and interesting and offers food for thought for managers in any field. Although it is a novel, this title is more appropriate for business collections.

In this intriguing, readable business novel based on up to date economic thinking, Alex Rogo manages a failing manufacturing plant. When his district manager tells him that profits must increase or the plant will be closed, Alex realizes he needs help. To turn things around Alex seeks advice from an elusive business guru who teaches, for example, that reduction in the efficiency of some plant operations may make the entire operation more productive!

Alex's attempts to make the factory profitable and to engage his employees in the struggle are as easy to understand as the author's economic models. Although some characters are as anonymous as the goods manufactured in the factory, others ring true. In addition, the tender story of Alex and his wife's separation and reconciliation make a touching contrast to the rest of the book.

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