Reviewed by: Ben Dowman, Dowman Training.

ISBN - 0340819804

FISH! is a remarkable book, inspiring, motivating and thought provoking. A great story read. By the time you've read it the 5th time you'll be buying copies for your friends and colleagues.

FISH! is the fictional story of Mary Jane Ramirez and The Third Floor at First Guarantee Financial in Seattle, the workplace of the 30 employees and named the Toxic Energy Dump. "A place so dead it sucked the energy right out of you". As new manager, Mary is faced with the job of turning this chronically unhelpful and unenthusiastic department into a team.

With the help of Lonnie from the Pike Place Fish Market and his approach of "work made fun gets done" she realises that she and her team can choose their attitude to work.

There are 4 components to Fish philosophy and Choosing Your Attitude is only the first. For the other 3 you'll have to read the book. As Lonnie explains to Mary, "find a way for your staff to discover the Fish Philosophy for themselves".

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