by Ricardo Semler


Reviewed by Dave Wiseman, Team-wise.

ISBN - 0099329417

The story and ideas behind the man who revolutionised one of Brazil's major manufacturing businesses.

An autobiographical work by the man behind one of Brazil's outstanding manufacturing industries, a company to which, Semler tells us, executives from some of the biggest and best known companies, including IBM, General Motors, Ford, Kodak..., have been making an unlikely pilgrimage!

When Ricardo Semler took over his fathers business it was styled in a traditional pyramid format. But now the business has workers who set thier own quotas, will come to work in thier own time to ensure that they are fulfilled and enjoy thier work. Maverick is the story of this transformation.

You are likley to develop your own strong opinion of whether these ideas are capable of being implemented in a UK based industry - and if they were, what the results would be.

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